Blinds - slatted window treatment which permits light and privacy control while still covering window, versus Shades which are solid and must be raised or lowered to adjust light

Curtain - generally lighter, less formal or shorter type of Draperies

Draperies - draped fabric window treatment, may be decorative and/or functional, drawn across window (traverse) or left in one position (stationary)

Drapery Heading - hemmed, sometimes stiffened part of a curtain or drapery above the rod pocket

Panel - each half of a drapery or curtain

Pinch Pleat - drapery heading with each basic pleat gathered into several smaller pleats

Rod (traverse; stationary/decorative) - draws drapery across window to open/close via draw cords; supports hanging drapery or curtain in stationary position

Rod Pocket - hollow sleeve at top (or bottom) of a curtain or drapery through which a rod is inserted for hanging

Return - the distance from the rod face to the wall casing where the bracket is attached

Shades (balloon; roller; pleated/Roman) - fabric shade that puffs as the shade is raised; shade that retracts on a roll positioned at top of window; tailored fabric shade that hangs flat and folds accordion-style using cords

Sheers/Glass Curtains - lightweight, opaque drapery, which filters light for privacy

Valance - a short drapery at top of window, usually fabric and typically no longer than 20 inches in length